What is the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

Digital marketing is the future which has arrived in terms of opportunity. We share what is the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online here.


Importance of Going Online

 Everything is online today. Couple of years back, there were many hurdles as far as infrastructure, reach and platforms to conduct business. Today in September 2020, with right infrastructure, both sellers and buyers are very well placed online. PR, Marketing, Sales, Image management, Education etc are lot of activities now can be taken up on social media.

Amazon and ecommerce has expanded our thought and taught everyone how business can be done online. Now with Digital payment facility ease doing business is easier than before. Business is just a UPI id now.

With this a new myth also has emerged that customers are sitting on Digital media and once we get on to digital media or e commerce website, business will start to flow.

What is the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

But again, with the increased number of tools follows the confusion. What to use? When to use? Where to use? How to use? Should we have a website? Or social media presence? Do we need a you tube channel or do you sell on any online e commerce like Amazon or Flipkart?

Every business, Person and marketers dilemma is about What, When, Where, How. What to do with social media? Is the primary question.

Have an Objective.

The answer to this question is again the simple question, What do you want to achieve?

Having a clear objective helps reduce clutter and focus on the core activity of your business. Not all social media tools are useful for you, as each tool has a different purpose of its own existence. Instagram is a visual tool, Youtube is a video tool, google is a search tool, Facebook was meant for sharing info.

Sales? Money? Reputation? Traffic? Likes? Have an objective.


Have a plan, Plan as simple as your objective. If you want to plan sales, If you want website leads, plan that. If you want subscribers on your youtube channel, plan that. If you want to sell things on Instagram, plan that.

Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram, are tools. They can and need to be used for your business or personal objective.

Action plan for Success:

Get your/ business Social Media Presence established

If you have a business make your business presence, FB page, Instagram page, etc online because it is the place where people are. In India, there are over 32 + crore people using social media. The number is growing day by day. The reason for this explosive growth in internet users is due to Jio. Now your customer is on the internet.

Your posts are your advertisements on social media. Imagine the ease? You may or may not need expensive designers for your ads making. You may have success with your posts also.

Always Look out for engagement with your customers, because we are here to achieve something. If that is not being achieved through Social media marketing then, probably it’s not for you.

Get a real website

Your website is like your shop on the internet. You may have a 100 sq feet shop in the real world, but on a website, you can open a mall. You can have a number of items in your shop, but on a website, you can display all of your range. Billing and payment are online.

Imagine, no rent, no fixed costs, no electricity, convenience is all about doing business in the digital world. Like a real shop, customers will come to the website, spend time, check your products, generate interest, and may give you a call.

Keep it on top of your priority.

Get started today

Today and this moment is the best day to start on social media. We are very much sure about that in any case. Because it is the medium of now. It offers you a chance to make forward corrections.

We will explain if you make a website today, and tomorrow a new thought comes you can always add on to it. If you publish an offer on social media, you can always make it better.

There are no mistakes, there are corrections in the Digital world, We make things better as our journey moves ahead.

What is the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?
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