Successful Marketing Ads for Your Business

Advertisements are an essential part of your business, any business. Basically telling someone about you , your products using best medium available is the simplest form of advertising. Digital is unlocked at the moment. World has gone digital.

Last decades we saw rise of Newspapers,Radio banners, Leaflets, and then came Television. Television opened the doors for Video content. And then  came Digital Marketing, Social media Marketing.

Over the years now our message delivery capacity has improved and we have understood the tricks of various media. Now we know what , how , when, where of various media.

Read somewhere that the early television ads were actually radio ads, which ofcourse didn’t deliver. Similarly the early digital marketing ads were television ads. So what is the right ad for Digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is mostly based on the basis of relevance, hence the advertisements need to be tuned to the buyers choice and his/her bahaviour. You may be having a B2B needs or B2C needs, there will always be a suitable option available for your advertising.

On the media front, you have many choices for Advertising. Google offers several advertisement options, search ads, display ads and several options in Youtube.

Depending on your campaign objective you can always choose a relevent ad platform for your ads.

Similarlyin Social Media advertising on Facebook, you have several advertising options which are available on your business objective. You can run reach campaign, You can have interactive campaigns where customers can message you, or you can even have a leads generation campaign.

Facebook offers the same advertising options in Graphic and Video formats.

Instagram, Linkedin, also offer Advertising options to suit your objective. OTT platforms are purely on consumption of content basis, also offer advertising options if you have a product suitable to these audiences.

Today we will be talking about 2 most used digital advertising topics here. B2B & B2C. Business to Business and Business to Consumer.

B2B – My choice is Facebook leads campaigns and support by you tube unskippable ads.

Here I achieve 2 things,

  1. With facebook we get to show our video to prospective customers.
  2. In Facebook text we can cover call for action and purpose of the advertisement.
  3. We get leads.
  4. We may also get traffic to our website.
  5. We also may get direct communication in form of Inbox message or comments.

Second, with youtube,

  1. My video reach gets expanded. We will be able to get numbers.
  2. Traffic is driven to website.
  3. We get quality leads on website forms.

There are various opinions on the length of your Video. The best suitable is 15 seconds. However our video was never 15 seconds, still we got best of viewings and response. Reason? It was relevent.

You can come to your own conclusion with practice and test campaigns.

With digital marketing now you need not worry about the production values of your videos. You actually need to worry about the relevence of your content as per your title of video. If it is a trending topic, people will come and when they come and don’t find relevant content they will not return again.

So, in any given situation or day, do your keyword analysis, keep it presentable and simple, and offer value. Make sure your video, ad, or blog is on the line of subject. use google trends to find relevant keywords.

You can learn digital marketing in an unlocked digital world. You can be anywhere in India still learn digital marketing and get support for your marketing efforts.

If you need any more details about the topic. Please mail us to Sameer Muley

Successful Marketing Ads for Your Business

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