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Effective Communication Last week I visited a Tamil friend of mine. He is my friend since last 12 years and in a way my mentor too. We have spent many evenings chatting together over hot filter coffee rounds. He has guided me over a numerous issues and my repeated visits means that his suggestions work too in my life.

But that particular day I learned the most important lesson of my life. My Tamil mentor has a pair of furious looking but very homely dogs. He adopted them after somebody abandoned them on street. Of course they were stray pups, before he adopted them.

We were sitting and chatting and the dogs with their babies were sitting below the chairs where we sat. Feeling my uncomfort over their presence, he instructed them to go inside the house in Tamil. The dogs listened. The place where he wanted to go was on the first floor and a bit complex because of stairs and hallways. Think instructions like this are not difficult for humans but these dogs understood it. They went off with their babies and headed for the house.

Tamil speaking pets in Maharashtra! I was more than amazed. I was born and brought up in Maharashtra, Where Marathi is major language. And pets like dogs were always instructed in English. That was my notion. I speak three languages fluently, understand 4 more, and grasp words in three more languages, but never in my life have seen or witnessed someone instructing his pets in his own native language or for that matter any other language in Nagpur.

For you, what’s the big deal .People all over the India must be instructing their pets in their native languages. Yes, but a closed mind like mine never allowed this plain simple thought to enter my mind. So I found it to be very funny at first and later thinking on the same I came up with the following thoughts.

Imagine A very recent example is of a horse owned by a famous leader who could understand commands only in English was a difficult to sale item in bihar or A Punjabi speaking parrot or a racing horse at Mumbai race course that does not follow instructions in English or Hindi because he was raised at a stud farm near Bangalore by a Kannada trainer. Or at the famous fair in Rajasthan famous for Donkeys, a trader trying to sell his merchandise because his pet can take instructions in three more languages other than rajasthani. Or a kathiyawadi buffalo refuses to give milk as she is sold in Maharashtra and cant under stand a word of instructions in Marathi. It doesn’t happen this way.

All the pets can communicate in spite of languages. Well the point here is, without a language barrier these sweet animals communicate love for their masters, work for them, and live in harmony with humans. And humans on the other hand who are trained in languages to communicate better, often use language as a tool to over communicate, wrongly communicate, or not communicate at all besides putting it to its best use, effective communication.( Well not every one but generally speaking) Spoiling the harmony with the fellow brothers and sisters..

Any body on an average will accept that atmosphere everywhere has become bad. Work wise we are facing tough times, communication has become a key issue everywhere and we have been training ourselves on effective communication.

In such a situation these animals have a better example for us to teach in communication. They can’t speak but still they manage to communicate very effectively and create harmony. Who ever has a pet will agree that life is good. I have learnt my lesson in communication, hope you are able to relate and agree.

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Improve your Communication effectively
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